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pod·cast·ing/ˈpädˌkastiNG/    : THE NEW BLOGGING. Consumable audio is the key to success in 2019 and beyond. Podcasting is consumed in all capacities.  An overwhelming number of commuters listen to a podcast on their way to work or school. Chefs and kitchen staff have a podcast going in the background while they work. Many listen to learn and educate themselves on trends. People are consuming podcasts!

Food & Beverage Podcast Network

pod·cast·ing/ˈpädˌkastiNG/    : THE NEW BLOGGING. Consumable audio is the key to success in 2019 and beyond. Podcasting is consumed in all capacities.  An overwhelming number of commuters listen to a podcast on their way to work or school. Chefs and kitchen staff have a podcast going in the background while they work. Many listen to learn and educate themselves on trends. People are consuming podcasts!

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Art Mann Presents

Hosted ByArt Mann

Art Mann is a professional traveler. He knows where the craziest events are, the best ones, the ones you’ve heard of, and more importantly

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Hosted ByThe Proof

The Proof podcast is designed to highlight the top Spirits & Liquors from around the world through industry review and acknowledgement by world-class  Alcohol & Spirits decision makers.

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Rogues on The Road

Hosted ByMatt Frohman & Rich Marshall

Meet the Rogues on the Road. Matt an avid outdoorsman and former science teacher turned distiller. And Rich the “Brit”, a city slicker who moved to the US and works in special education. Matt and Rich embrace their cultural differences and come together each week to discuss food, travel, booze and everything in between. Laugh...

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Drink Up with Richie T.

Hosted ByRichie T.

Drink Up with Richie T. is a podcast for those who enjoy drinking, and learning more about spirits, beer, and wine.

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Food & Beverage Magazine LIVE!

Hosted ByJennifer English & Michael Politz

Food & Beverage Magazine LIVE! James Beard Award Winner Jennifer English and Food & Beverage Magazine Publisher Michael Politz ____________________________________________________ Food & Beverage brought to life. Live juicy inside scoop from the tastemakers, newsmakers, bread bakers, drink shakers, spoon lickers, clam diggers, farmers, foodies and friends of the Food & Beverage Magazine World! F&B LIVE...

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Our Team

Founder, CEO

Publisher of Food & Beverage Magazine

Chef and Sommelier

Johnny Williams, a classically trained chef and Sommelier from Houston, Texas. Having worked in his family’s advertising agency since he was a young boy he gained a large amount of knowledge in this industry. He started his Hospitality journey while an undergrad at Texas Christian Univeristy. Working with famed Ft Worth Chef, Lanny Lancarte, He decided to pursue a more refined training. After enrolling at the CIA at Greystone, he quickly found a passion for wine and started working part time at a Small Napa Valley Winery. He quickly worked his way to run the wineries day to day operations. With his knowledge of Food and Wine as well as the media business will be a great asset in to the Food and Beverage Podcast Network.

Broadcast Sales Public Media Marketing
Nina Cwik is Vice President and Head of Sales at PMM. PMM delivers advertising to the biggest and most successful podcasts in the business. Programs include Serial, This American Life, Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert, The Joe Rogan Experience and Anna Faris is Unqualified. PMM delivers outstanding results to their sponsors and shows everyday. Prior to co-founding Public Media Marketing, Nina practiced corporate law.
Public Relations & Community Affairs
Michele D. Tell is the public relations & community affairs liaison for Food & Beverage Podcast Network. Tell is an ambitious entrepreneur and currently owns and operates several business in Las Vegas including powerhouse public relations agency, Preferred Public Relations, a 20-year staple in strategic public relations, community affairs and reputations management headquartered in Las Vegas. Constellation Catering, a full-service liquor catering company with formal liquor licenses in Las Vegas, Clark County, North Las Vegas and Henderson was formed n 2015, and holds citywide concession and retail liquor licenses as well. Constellation Catering handles all liquor programs for public and private events, outdoor programs as concerts and festivals, farmers markets and Home Owner Association corporate programs. Tell is also co-founder/managing partner of The Original Brand, a parent company to worldwide award competitions such as the PR%F Awards set for Las Vegas in June 2019. Tell grew up in Las Vegas since 1971. After receiving her BA in Journalism/English at the Walter Cronkite School, ASU, she has spent most of her career being a part of, as well as enhancing, the Las Vegas community. After working at the Review-Journal as an editorial assistant in 1990, she jumped into the hotel/gaming industry; first as the Sands Hotel PR Director at age 22, and then opening MGM Grand in 1992 as publicity coordinator. Tell rose through the ranks at MGM – coordinator, manager, and director and then to the Vice President of Media Relations at MGM Grand during an eight-year alliance with the hotel. Tell handled the majority of hotel communications for food and beverage and entertainment as well as corporate and crisis communications at MGM Grand. In April 1999, Tell opened Preferred Public Relations, an award-winning acclaimed public relations group that specializes in hotel/casino launch campaigns, restaurants, retail and hotel/casino media relations, special events and social media programs. During the last 18 years, her agency has handled more than 500 grand opening events, and is responsible for millions of media/publicity impressions for her local, regional and national clients. Tell-Woodrow was named one of the Top 100 Distinguished Women in Southern Nevada and also named Greenspun Media’s Top Female Influencer in Communications. NAWBO named Tell-Woodrow Most Distinguished Woman in Communications in 2004 and she and her husband James Woodrow were highlighted in Entrepreneur’s 2006 magazine representing top growing companies in Southern Nevada. In 1995, at age 28, Tell was named a Top 40 Under 40. Tell is a Board of Trustee for the Las Vegas Natural History Museum and is active heading up the 30-year museum’s marketing committee, annually.

Who We Are

The Food & Beverage Podcast Network is a curated network created by Michael Politz and his team at Food & Beverage Magazine after discovering the deficiencies in the podcast world of food and hospitality related programming.  Until now the podcasting has been a labor of love in this arena. Sponsorships and advertising is a business of its own and most podcasters are having trouble reaching the correct decision makers and navigating the sales and analytics.  

Food & Beverage Magazine :The first name in the Foodservice/Hospitality information highway.  Serving readers the informational needs of the entire full-service segment of the industry while, keeping readers on the cutting edge with authoritative coverage of trends and industry news. As a Food & Beverage Magazine is leading industry read with 12 million monthly readers noted by Amazon’s Alexa rating system as the most progressive resource in the F&B industry on-line at

Partner With Us

As podcast monetization remains a challenge, Food & Beverage Podcast Network has been developed with input from top ad agencies, creating our fully integrated platform for ad serving, targeting, monitoring and reporting with the use of this ground-breaking technology we are able to provide new and improved listening metrics that major brands use for their decision making.

Food & Beverage Podcast Network possess the power to boost a podcast’s revenue and listenership utilizes the marketing power of Food & Beverage Magazine’s readership. This means that podcasts will receive More Marketing, More Discovery, More Social all leading to More Money

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    I love making great podcasts, but I really don’t like selling. Can Food & Beverage Podcast Network help me to find an advertiser for my show?

    When you publish with Food & Beverage Podcast Network, we make it easy for you. You take care of creating great content. We’ll take care of everything else. From lining up ideal, respected advertisers to managing promotional and distribution services, we’ll not only ensure your voice is heard, we’ll make it a rewarding experience.

    I would like to advertise my business on a podcast. How do I get started advertising on the Food & Beverage Podcast Network?


    Let’s Talk! As a valued sponsor, your brand is dynamically woven into the fabric of our programs. So when listeners hear your message, it feels less like an endorsement and more like a recommendation from a trusted friend.  We would love the opportunity to help connect your product to the right audience. For advertising opportunities, contact :





    How can I make money podcasting?

    Our network taps the immense readership and buying power of the Food & Beverage / Hospitality industries along with our sister media Food & Beverage Magazine  we bring more exposure to your show, expand your audience and introduce your show to the ad buyers.  Food & Beverage Podcast Network is committed to optimizing your engagement and marketing your show.  Our staff is trained to help you with production, distribution, and the tools used in the monetization process.

    I want to be part of the Food & Beverage Podcast Network family? How do I join your network?

    We’re always looking for Food & Beverage, Hospitality engaging content and our team  wants to learn more about your podcast or podcast idea. If you are interested in becoming part of the Food & Beverage Podcast Network family, contact us and tell us about your show or show idea.

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