Hot Mixology

Hosted ByDave Elger & Lea Hatch

Dave Elger, a veteran of the Liquor Industry for over 26 years is the Creator and Host of HOTMIXOLOGY, the national TV show. In addition to hosting HOTMIXOLOGY every week, Dave continues to stay relevant in the liquor industry with his ownership of several premium spirits. Dave's passion, personality and impeccable taste for the spirits has earned him the title "The foremost authority about everything booze".

Lea Hatch has been shaking & stirring up cocktails and the liquor biz for over 10 years. Owner and Founder of A Shot Above, offering ultimate mixologists for private events around the country. Lea and her team of over 85 mixologists have created and served over 1 million cocktails and counting. Lea continues to elevate your cocktail experience every week on Hotmixology as The HOTMIXOLOGY HOT HOT Mixologist.

The show that believes everything is more fun with a great cocktail in-hand and good friends at the bar; Hotmixology is your official “tour de booze.” High-energy, entertaining and full of real-world drink recipes, this one-of-a-kind show gives you an inside look into the art of drink mixology.

Each week, host Dave Elger and Hotmixology’s expert mixologists, bring you into the bar and invite you to “belly up” while they share secrets on how great liquor is made, which brands are best and give their twists on mixing perfect concoctions for any occasion.

So pull up a stool and get ready to shake up some great cocktails with Hotmixology, because it’s happy hour and around here the bar is always open!